another day in the city...

over the weekend i went to my parents house in nj and my cousin and her hubby were in town visiting. it was a good weekend of catching up and another day trip to nyc. 
 i ended up with gum on my shoe...from the empire state building observatory. i would somehow end up with gum on my shoe from an indoor place! UGH. but funny.
 on the live cam in times square, thats me in the green shirt taking the pic. and my sister with her arms up behind me. pretty cool to be up on one of those big screens! sister is pointing at the giraffe (she's obsessed with giraffes) not the lady.

 if you've never been to nyc-take notice of macy's-it's the largest in the world, not to mention, it takes up an entire block in nyc!
my cousins opening the baby gifts that we got for them! i loved being able to see them and catch up with them this weekend :) our time together went so fast!

it was a great weekend!
anyone else to anything exhausting exciting?


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  1. Ooooooh! I love New York! Bummer about the gum on your shoe! That would drive me crazy! :) Looks like a wonderful time though!
    I loved the Empire State Building and Times Square!
    Sooo fun!


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