happy me

you guys.
i think i've lost my brain.
my blog is in NO WAY a venting tool but i just wanted to let everyone know...
i feel like a million things have been consistently running through my head saying
"haha! you can't catch up to me"
i have:
personal things going on
work things going on
school things going on

yea...the list goes on.
in the midst of it all i have found a peace in making sure i have time for myself and with God.
if anything always make sure you make time for this.
draino for you brain!

hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing weekend :)

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  1. So glad you are making time to give your cares to the Lord!
    Seeking His wonderful and refreshing perspective on lifes little hiccups always clears my mind of worries and cares.
    He's got all things under control, and we are under His wings :)

    Glad to have found your blog!!
    Amber Dawn


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