le souvenir

sometimes i think tuesdays are slower and more tired than mondays.
it's like monday im just in  a daze following my weekend 
and tuesday...it catches up to me.

so two weekends ago i went to OK.
i was on a recruiting trip for the school i work for.
so not only was i under tornado warning...
but i was super bummed that i didnt get to explore downtown OK city
all because of the weather.
btw, i am super SUPER thankful to God for keeping me and my co-worker safe!
anyway today i am just going to share the souvenir i purchased.
le souvenir:

there's not anything in that mug.
but how could i pass up a modeling opp?

have a terrific tuesday, peeps!



  1. Erin you crack me up! Love the modeling!

  2. Hilarious :)
    Glad your safe, but I'd be bummed too about not being able to explore!



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