procrastination nation.

im a professional.
on my skills section on my resume i should probably list procrastination.
okay...that might not be the best idea.
IN EVERYTHING i plan and get things done as soon as possible
EVERYTHING except school work.
currently i have a 16 page paper just lingering over my head, due in a week.
i am on
i saw this today, and loved it. because this perfectly describes a true procrastinator/crammer:
so tonight, while "working" on my other homework that needs to be completed, what was i really doing?
taking a sorry let me rephrase A LOT of breaks.
just checkin instagram (follow me! erin_e_murphy)
looking and  before and after photos that a good friend of mine uploaded of her new house
looking on craigslist for a new house to live shame.
and going to cookout to get an extremely unhealthy peanut butter reese's fudge milkshake
it was oh, so worth it!
(if you dont have instagram, you can always check me out here: webstagram)

well, since i was striving to post on thursday and now its almost friday...
 i guess i should be closing this sucker up.
this weekend im yet again traveling-to new jersey.

im packed and ready to go!
so tomorrow: work->drive almost 6 hours->maybe sleep when i arrive?
im prepared for yet another exhausting weekend
exhausting but also a blessing because i will be seeing family that i have not seen in forever!
alright, so for real.
peace out for the weekend,
theres a possibility that i'll have a good amount of pictures to share next week!



  1. Haha, I love the picture you posted, it's so funny! Have a fun and safe trip to New Jersey :)

  2. enjoy the weekend, drive safe and procrastination lured by a peanut butter milkshake sounds like my type of procrastination!


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