tea tan and michigan

i was stumblin' the other day
...an awesome way to make work go by
i stumbled upon this site that had instructions for tea tanning.
"best tan recipe EVER" via born to be blonde
check it out:

Required time: About 30-40 minutes Skill level: Goof-proof
Ingredients: 4 black tea bags 2 cups boiling water Sponge or spray bottle
Optional: Body lotion Pure cocoa powder-meaning if the tea tan doesn't work, try this method too!

Instructions: When water has boiled, add the tea bags to steep. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, or until tea is dark and cool enough to touch.
In the meantime, take a shower to ensure your skin is oil- and sweat-free-USE A SCRUB TO EXFOLIATE!. Afterwards, make sure skin is completely dry.
Stand on something you don’t mind getting dirty. If using a sponge, drench it in the tea and wipe all over your body. If using a spray bottle, fill it with tea and spray evenly. Let skin air-dry and apply another coat for a deeper shade.
Tea will stain clothes if wet, so make sure you’re all dry before dressing. The “tan” should last 3-4 days.

im pale.
even though i have visited the tanning beds in the past, i decided this year that i will no longer be doing so. i decided to give this tea tanning a try.
im glad i did, it didn't turn out too shabby for my first attempt!
i actually love it most importantly because...
you know how tanning lotions have that awful smell?
this doesn't. nada.
a few suggestions:
*exfoliate-it opens up your pores, which you want since your staining your skin...
*use the spray bottle-it goes on more evenly
*wear gloves!!

if you try this let me know what you think!

in other news...today after work im going to the mitt: aka michigan.
[enter excited cheer here]
no, im not from michigan, but kenny is.
im ready to embrace the 12 hr through-the-night road trip from VA to MI
but its worth it. for serious.
i love kenny's family, and haven't seen them since last june
it's been waaaay to long!
anyone else have exciting plans for the Easter weekend?

grand rapids, here we come!



  1. i wonder if it would work in a bathtub for less mess?

  2. Would probably stain the tub!

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  4. Cocoa method didnt work for me. Ill try this though

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  6. Can you use this on your face?

  7. Do u have to rub it in if using a spray bottle or just allow to dry??


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