you guys,
today's post will be nothing but random, i promise.
i first need to proclaim that i love my mini's. (see below)
disclaimer #1: that is not me.
disclaimer #2: mine are black, although i do love this purple!
here's the deal:
twice today, when i have gone to the restroom, when zipping my pants (zipper is on side/hip),
i have zipped my skin right into the zipper!
not cool mini, not cool.
i could show you a picture of the damage done to my baby soft skin BUT
it may be slightly inapprop. to do this while sitting at my desk at work. not if everyone would want to see.

i have also come to the realization that i love having soup for lunch at work-it leaves me completely satisfied.
progresso light is the perfect amount and 100 calories or less!

lastly but not leastly: would you rather...

thats a tough one but i think i'd go with the popcorn kernel.
i would get used to the feeling, whereas with cheeto-fingers
id be getting cheese on everything i touched! what a mess.

have a great weekend, bloggers


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  1. This is hilarious! Your poor skin!! and Cheeto fingers ICK! I'll take the popcorn...


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