tornado alley

I would just like to say that it's totally appropriate being that I'm in tornado alley this weekend that we're on tornado watch.

I mean...really?!? I tweeted "maybe I should just go ahead and sleep under my mattress tonight"...there's both sarcasm and a nervous tone in that.

In other news there is a really sweet short bus chillin outside our hotel. Who woulda thought a short bus could be so cool?

So far, so good...2 tornadas have touched down her abou 30 myles from where I'm stayin but I'm still alive an kickin...I just had to say that in a southern tone, couldn't resist.

Hope I'm not offending anyone. No hard feelings to all you southerners? K cool, thanks.

I really hope everyone else is having a semi safe weekend and your not near the tornadas like I am!

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