blast from the past...

after much hesitation...i'm doing it. 
sharing pictures of me as a child.
the first picture is from me in preschool
yes i was a little preschooler with glasses.
the 80s were good to me...what can i say!?

my sister and i at some family function...probably a holiday of some sort.
 yeaa...i'm the strange looking one all the way to the right.
i take "make a funny face" to the furthest extent.
 i took piano lessons for about 5 years when i was i wish that i never quit.
my kids will most certainly learn an instrument. 
 i LOVED when my mom put my hair in curlers.
did anyone else use those sponge curlers as a kid?

i actually think that sharing pictures from my adolescent years would be worse than this.
super uncool.

looking back, i have really changed so much.
i wouldn't trade my childhood for anything
and i'm so thankful for the family that God has blessed me with.


please take notice that i also revamped a bit, hope you like the new look :)


  1. How fun! I always love seeing old pictures of people when they are young. I loved digging up pics of me and my hubs when we were expecting our first baby. We were trying to figure out what she would look like lol.

    - Sarah

  2. Hi adorable lady! You're a sweetie.

  3. You were such an adorable kid and grew up to be a beautiful girl! I wish I learned how to play an instrument when I was a child... lucky you :)

  4. First off, LOVE the new look. =) Second, those photos are awesome. I should post pictures from when I was little - I had big, Minnie Mouse glasses. Win!


  5. Lol! You were certainly a beautiful little girl! I wore glasses and braces from age 14 to 17... I tore up so many of my photos (and now regret it!)! Looks like you had a cute family!


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