cheers :)

chhheeeeeeeeeerrrrsss to the freakin' weekend.



so here' my weekend plans:
i can't tell you.
at least not yet :)
that's what monday is for!

one thing i can tell you is that im officially becoming a virginia resident over the weekend.
transferring my car title
getting a new license (which btw, they don't allow you to smile for. lame.).
getting new license plates.

i guess it will be a real goodbye to new jersey for now.
:( <- that IS a sad face.


i do truly have a packed weekend ahead
and will be starting my weekend in 3.5 hours.
in all regards, 
have the best weekend possible.
be back monday :)



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  1. They don't allow you to smile for your license picture?
    I don't know if I've ever had a picture where I wasn't smiling (unless it was taken and I didn't know it).
    Hope your Friday was great!


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