i know, my "we'll talk tomorrow" ending my last post didnt really come true.
oooh opps.

what am i doing with my life?
who knows...
but really, wishing i was enjoying my summer everyday instead of just on the weekend.
waaah. waaah. waaah.
"été" is summer in french...i mean c'est la vie is french so i figure why not add to the theme today...
and no, im not complaining about my job. i am thankful for it.
but lets be serious, everyone wishes they could have the entire summer off. even the rainy days.

okay, so not to completely ignore my promise: lets talk emily.
from watching the first two episodes, id say im pretty pleased so far. oh course there is less DRAMA than usual but i actually appreciate a break from the trashy stuff (aka bachelor, aka courtney/girls throwing themselves at a man). so here is who i think will make it to the final four (all images via ABC):

--jeff: she has something for him, i can tell by the way she talks/looks at him...even though he looks 18. you have to give him credit for being a CEO of his own company though...

--arie: lets face it, he is a race car driver and he is cute. she is going to keep him around AT LEAST for the fact of the race car connection. he does seem like a sweetie so far...
--chris: i personally hate the side smile...but she seems to like him (she picks him for a 1 on 1 in week 3, as shown in preview by abc.com).
--sean: why sean? well we havent really seen too much of him BUT i wanted to add a blondie into the mix and there is always randomly one of the quiet guys who makes it pretty far, so sean is my pick!

so that so far is my recap...and im kinda excited now to see how long my guys will last since i have officially put my final four picks out there. bring on week 3!

pics above: 1/2/ 3
hope your thursday isn't dragging out as much as mine!



  1. I too soo wish the summer would come sooner!! /: I adore these pictures though.


  2. Sometimes I reminisce about my school days when summer was a full three months...and there were no commitments! Just having fun-in-the-sun all day, everyday!
    Aaaahhh the good ol' days! :)
    Wow! These guys are cuties! I haven't seen the show yet, but I definitely think Sean is the cutest! He just looks nice!


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