kate's graduation

time for a overload of pictures...are you ready?!
on saturday, may12, 2012, my little sis graduated with her B.S. in Psycology and minor in Special Ed.
graduation started bright and early...well it didn't really start bright and early.
BUT we arrived bright and early to get a decent seat for commencement: 7:30am.

 and since we were there so early, we got to watch the snipers set up.
yep. just keep on reading...
 patiently waiting and trying to pass time before commencement begins.
 finally the graduates started filing in!
(insert processional music here)
 about halfway through...this took forever!
 i kate to stand up and wave for a picture from across the field
 truett cathy was there-bless this man for inventing chick-fil-a!
gov. mitt romney was the commencement speaker.
hence the snipers...and there was secret service as well.
he actually did a really great job!

 kate receiving her "diploma" from her departmental ceremony after commencement.
her real diploma is actually mailed to her.
 YAY! i'm so proud of her!
 we were BURNING up! it was a hot day, and hot days call for pretty hilarious get-ups to avoid the sun!

congrats kate :) im so proud of you!
it was a great day of celebration with family and friends

hope everyone is having a great week so far
happy hump day :)


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  1. Yay! Happy graduation to your little sister! Very exciting! Wow! Mitt Romney spoke at the graduation! That's awesome!!!


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