the paleo diet to be exact...and tomorrow i'm starting it.
i'm not looking to lose weight,
i'm looking to have healthier eating habits.
so here is the basic scoop [nerdfitness]:

  • Meat – GRASS-FED, not grain-fed…which causes the same problem in animals as they do in humans
  • Fowl - chicken, duck, hen, turkey…things with wings that (try to) fly.
  • Fish – wild fish, not farmed fish, as mercury and other toxins can be an issue
  • Eggs - look for Omega-3 enriched eggs
  • Vegetables – as long as they’re not deep fried, eat as many as you want
  • Oils – olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil – think natural
  • Fruits – have natural sugar, and can be higher in calories, so limit if you’re trying to lose weight
  • Nuts – high in calories, so they’re good for a snack, but don’t eat bags and bags of them
  • Seeds - same as nuts, can be high in calories
  • Tubers – sweet potatoes, yams.  Higher in calories and carbs, so these are good for right after a workout to replenish your glycogen levels.

so basically i'm looking to eat in a healthier way,
and feel satisfied with what i eat.
i'm doing something for myself.
i'm going to try and keep it simple,
and feel much better and energized each day!
i think the hardest part of this will be nixing pasta and bread.
oh gosh...and i love sweets. this will be rough.
starting tomorrow and for the entire month of june, 
i will be eating paleo.

i. can. do it.

i won't be all over the place writing about this change,
BUT i will give random updates :)
tonight: food shopping.
time to prepare!!


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