you know it's been a long week when...

  • you invite a friend over to watch your weekly show together only to realize later on that its only tuesday and your getting ready to watch a show that airs on wednesdays. 
  • you update your resume and cover letter to apply to interview for another position at work...only to find out that your boss never received it.
  • you are more concerned about gaining more points on draw something than working on the huge amount of homework due by sunday.
  • you blog about being super excited to FINALLY see" the vow"...but you mean to say "the lucky one", you were going to see the lucky one.

all i can do is seriously laugh at the little mistakes that i have made this week. im glad im not the only one who procrastinates for inspiration.

its almost friday bloggers.
until next time...


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  1. ayeee.. same over heree. im READY for the weeekend. :P


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