big changes

what better way to start a week with filling you in with an change happening in the life of erin?
can't think of anything else more juicy.
the juicy news is that kenny will be moving away from me.
he was offered a really awesome job opp. back in MI.
annnnd i'll be left here in VA.
we've done long distance before, but only for a few months time.
this...will be a challenge.
on the flip side...
I am sooo happy for him and know that he will be happier with this new change.
i'll miss being just a few miles from my best friend.

over the last weekend i think i have also realized that i should stay away from groupon.
grouponing has become the new couponing for me.
i have bought 3 groupons in the last 5 days.
yep, you read that right.
groupon has this new thing called the "goods" section.
i have bought:
puma socks, 20 pairs for $12 bucks
a new set of sheets: $19, when sheets are usually at least $40
and last but not least the best deal in my opinion...
Emson Big Boss Juicer.

I have been looking at juicers for a while and have been wanted to purchase one,
but alas, they are usually around $200 bucks.
which means that purchasing a juicer is
until i spotted this baby...
for $50, on good ol'groupon.
groupon you never cease to fail me my wallet.
so i started googling (yes, that is a verb) reviews, and was pleased with what i read.

so there it is.
purchase confirmed.
and proud of it!
ill be sure to give a review once it arrives!

gotta get back to checking groupon.
just kidding.


friday blog hop

so i will admit that i spend a lot of time browsing through blogs.
so today, i decided to link up for a blog hop!

Blog Hops Everyday and A Mommy's Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

i will be spending my "blog time" hopping around today.
so if you are here from the link up, welcome!
i hope you like what you see and stick around to get to know me :)

have a wonderful first official weekend of summer, readers!

because i'm clumsy
in just today's time so far i have...
 dropped a cup of water
tripped up the steps
also tripped over my own sandal walking out of the house
poked my eye with mascara
and somehow ended to fling my keys out of my hands in the parking lot right under the car next to mine.
that was all just today people!

its story time:
this one time, at band camp...
just kidding.
there was a time though when i was home from college from a break
and planned to meet up with a bunch of friends at a movie.
i made it just in time to the theater, a few seconds before the previews started.
when i walked in, my friends called me out.
i of course quickened my pace to at least a trot or an awkward jog
because the theater light were dimming and the previews were starting.
i crossed the theater and turned right, toward the steps
made it up one step and then nailed the second
with my face.
yes i face planted.
gravity check!
just to give you an idea of how hard i fell UP the steps
my fall created a worn spot on one of the knees of my jeans
and the skin on that knee was a little torn up.
not only did all of my friends see
but the entire theater.
and my fall was followed by both an uproar in laughter and "OMG is she okay?!?!" 

don't worry guys, i didn't fall, i just attacked the floor.

i'll never forget it, that's for sure.
i'm so used to my clumsiness, that i just laughed about it.
although, if i remember correctly, i did cry a little inside as my knee throbbed. 
i'm not sure whether or not i should thank my mom or dad for this trait?

sometimes when i fall, or perform an act of clumsiness, i feel as though it happens in slow motion.
anyone else with me on this?

i have just learned to laugh at everything.

i want to write about counting down to the weekend, i think i do this every week?
i really don't mind the week you guys, i just prefer the weekend :)
let the countdown begin!


summer lovin and caboodles

you guys.
welcome to the first day of summer!
and the longest day of the year.
why couldn't this day be on the weekend?
if today was the weekend, i would be soaking up the sun.
right now...
well, i will try to actually work, at work today, with not too many daydreams in between.
or i could work outside...[i wish.]

okay, enough about my summer lusting. 
lets talk caboodles.

did anyone have one of these when they were little?

 i had this exact one-pretty popular in the 80s/90s. its a make-up case! now obviously i was not old enough to use make up (no did my mom let me get close to the stuff) so i used this baby to hold all of my hair accessories, my chapstick, and of course the plastic makeup i owned as well. and by plastic i'm talking dollar store style, fake lipstick and eye shadow. i was excited when i saw this online, i became a bit nostalgic. oh, to be young again. did i just say that?

okay. back to work?
as if i had a choice.
happy hump day y'all
(side note about y'all: i'm NOT a southerner, i just occasionally input the lingo)
maybe all you stay at home bloggers could do something to bring in the first day of summer for me?



i had a wonderful weekend with friends, shopping, basketball, sweet treats, babysitting...which is where i received this cute thank you note:
jack is the little boy i babysit, and for his birthday, i had gotten him a "diary of a whimpy kid: cheese touch game". above was the thank you note he had written to me. above is the reason why i still babysit!


friday fun day

im mean, for real, is there any better advice?
i love fridays.
at 6pm, EST, my work week is over.
friday's are awesome when they are "jeans day" like today.
jeans at work? yes please.
today i woke up a little late and therefore did not have time to pack a lunch.
so luckily i live close enough to work that i can go home.
well i became too consumed with this little diva:

she just laid there..with such a sweet face...
just wanting her belly to be rubbed.
so i lost track of time, and ended up grabbing carrots real quick
and some caeser dressing to dip them in.
carrots and dressing=last minute lunch.
not that great of a last minute lunch i might add.

tomorrow i'll be in richmond visiting with amy
and sunday i'll be helping some friends clean up the house they just bought
so the can move in--how exciting!

its friday people
do a little dance,
and if you still at work just dance/wiggle around in your seat.


tid bits

  • when i type, i always space at the wrong time. ie: "ye a", "goin g"...well lets just say im the queen of typos. i was that girl in keyboarding class who took the cover off the keyboard. i shake my head to that now...
  • i love jeans day at work, i throw a party in my head when we have one. as a more casual girl, this means that its WAY less of a hassle to pick an outfit in the morning. because we all know that as much as we try, picking an outfit the night before just never happens.
  • i live vicariously through several blogs..such as: Marshalls Abroad
  • i burn myself with my curling iron...a latest burn/scar...gross
  • i plan. i like to have things planned. don't get me wrong, i love spontaneity, but if im making plans for a trip or event ahead of time, official planning must happen or my brain goes crazy.
burn. my poor neck.
welcome to my calendar.

well, its tuesday. 
the bachelorette is done for the week. waah.
lasts nights episode was pretty good...
i just HATE when she says stuff like "he's like the perfect romeo" (after ryan's kiss)
emily...please. is abc paying you extra to say weak lines like that?
and lets not forget that it was totally on purpose that arie got picked last.
she is in love with arie. everyone else should just go home. the end.
what are you guys thinking about the bachelorette?


my weekend

i think i will officially make the decision to only post during the week.
the weekend, must remain the weekend.
weekends should also always be 3 days.
2 days is not enough.
3 days is just enough to sleep in at least one morning,
layout a full day,
run errands,
see all the friends that you never see during the week,
you get the point.

now, back to the original point.
without further ado, my weekend via my phone:

and today is when the wonderful weekend clashes with reality.
grab a cup of joe and deeeeezel through monday!

just an outfit

you guys.
i never post outfits!
i think its because i dont dress on the glamorous side everyday.
i take business casual to the furthest extent.
haha, yea im lame.
but every once in a while i wear heels...
mind you, im almost 5'9 so i usually steer away from heels,
considering they make me taller then pretty much...everyone.
so i wore heels yesterday. 
and here is my outfit:

follow me on instagram and you may see more pics like this: erin_e_murphy

does anyone else think that this week is draaaaagging?
tomorrow is friday!!
now, go follow me on instagram :) 
peace out.


because i'm a sensitive person...

i recently saw this quote by zooey deschanel and loved it enough to share it:

"being tender and open is beautiful. as a woman, i feel continually shhh’ed. too sensitive. too mushy. too wishy washy. blah blah. don’t let someone steal your tenderness. don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart. nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things. whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a rain drop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep, feel it all – look around you. all of this is for you. take it and have gratitude. give it and feel love." zooey deschanel

God created women to be more emotional, it's how we were designed. it's a difference between us, and men (well...the majority of men :] ). sometimes its important to remember that its totally okay to cry. whether its for a minute, an hour, because of something really stupid, or something really important. 

beauty isn't just how you look, it's also, more importantly, who you are inside!

i know... i dont usually do serious posts, but this is something that i have been reminded of recently in my own life, and this blog is about me, so why not share whats on my heart?

don't forget to take a smile on the way out :)


honesty is the best policy.

lets be honest:

  • this little yorkiechon fur ball is the cutest out there :) but she has been the poopinator lately. still love you, mia :)

  • there is never a time when i am not craving a cupcake

  • about the bachelorette...dear emily, stop making smart observations about people and the making a dumb decision and keep them around. point and case...doug...can anyone say brad round two??


  • a good cold play cover is always desirable to listen to. and this is where i insert a promo: i have a few friends how started a band called "dinner and a suit". they are SUPER good. one of those bands who sounds just as good, if not better when you see them live. check them out if you have time here. no time? just click the play button below, and listen while you read on :)

  • i have been a pretty lame blogger the last couple weeks, but to be honest, life just got in the way. life happened. THIS MONTH, i will take more pictures, blog more often, reply to comments in a faster pace, and not just visit my fellow bloggers but leave a nice bloggy comment when i do. lets be honest: who doesnt like comments?

    thanks for stopping by today ,

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