because i'm clumsy
in just today's time so far i have...
 dropped a cup of water
tripped up the steps
also tripped over my own sandal walking out of the house
poked my eye with mascara
and somehow ended to fling my keys out of my hands in the parking lot right under the car next to mine.
that was all just today people!

its story time:
this one time, at band camp...
just kidding.
there was a time though when i was home from college from a break
and planned to meet up with a bunch of friends at a movie.
i made it just in time to the theater, a few seconds before the previews started.
when i walked in, my friends called me out.
i of course quickened my pace to at least a trot or an awkward jog
because the theater light were dimming and the previews were starting.
i crossed the theater and turned right, toward the steps
made it up one step and then nailed the second
with my face.
yes i face planted.
gravity check!
just to give you an idea of how hard i fell UP the steps
my fall created a worn spot on one of the knees of my jeans
and the skin on that knee was a little torn up.
not only did all of my friends see
but the entire theater.
and my fall was followed by both an uproar in laughter and "OMG is she okay?!?!" 

don't worry guys, i didn't fall, i just attacked the floor.

i'll never forget it, that's for sure.
i'm so used to my clumsiness, that i just laughed about it.
although, if i remember correctly, i did cry a little inside as my knee throbbed. 
i'm not sure whether or not i should thank my mom or dad for this trait?

sometimes when i fall, or perform an act of clumsiness, i feel as though it happens in slow motion.
anyone else with me on this?

i have just learned to laugh at everything.

i want to write about counting down to the weekend, i think i do this every week?
i really don't mind the week you guys, i just prefer the weekend :)
let the countdown begin!


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  1. Don't worry chick! You're not the only clumsy one out there!
    One time I reached down to pull a leaf off of my high heel and my heel grabbed the cuff of my shirt and I fell forward onto the cement sidewalk... It was painfully embarrassing. But all you can do is laugh it off right?
    Ahhh life! :)


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