big changes

what better way to start a week with filling you in with an change happening in the life of erin?
can't think of anything else more juicy.
the juicy news is that kenny will be moving away from me.
he was offered a really awesome job opp. back in MI.
annnnd i'll be left here in VA.
we've done long distance before, but only for a few months time.
this...will be a challenge.
on the flip side...
I am sooo happy for him and know that he will be happier with this new change.
i'll miss being just a few miles from my best friend.

over the last weekend i think i have also realized that i should stay away from groupon.
grouponing has become the new couponing for me.
i have bought 3 groupons in the last 5 days.
yep, you read that right.
groupon has this new thing called the "goods" section.
i have bought:
puma socks, 20 pairs for $12 bucks
a new set of sheets: $19, when sheets are usually at least $40
and last but not least the best deal in my opinion...
Emson Big Boss Juicer.

I have been looking at juicers for a while and have been wanted to purchase one,
but alas, they are usually around $200 bucks.
which means that purchasing a juicer is
until i spotted this baby...
for $50, on good ol'groupon.
groupon you never cease to fail me my wallet.
so i started googling (yes, that is a verb) reviews, and was pleased with what i read.

so there it is.
purchase confirmed.
and proud of it!
ill be sure to give a review once it arrives!

gotta get back to checking groupon.
just kidding.


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  1. thinking of you as you start long distance again--remember it will be worth it :) xoxo {av}


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