friday fun day

im mean, for real, is there any better advice?
i love fridays.
at 6pm, EST, my work week is over.
friday's are awesome when they are "jeans day" like today.
jeans at work? yes please.
today i woke up a little late and therefore did not have time to pack a lunch.
so luckily i live close enough to work that i can go home.
well i became too consumed with this little diva:

she just laid there..with such a sweet face...
just wanting her belly to be rubbed.
so i lost track of time, and ended up grabbing carrots real quick
and some caeser dressing to dip them in.
carrots and dressing=last minute lunch.
not that great of a last minute lunch i might add.

tomorrow i'll be in richmond visiting with amy
and sunday i'll be helping some friends clean up the house they just bought
so the can move in--how exciting!

its friday people
do a little dance,
and if you still at work just dance/wiggle around in your seat.


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