honesty is the best policy.

lets be honest:

  • this little yorkiechon fur ball is the cutest out there :) but she has been the poopinator lately. still love you, mia :)

  • there is never a time when i am not craving a cupcake

  • about the bachelorette...dear emily, stop making smart observations about people and the making a dumb decision and keep them around. point and case...doug...can anyone say brad round two??


  • a good cold play cover is always desirable to listen to. and this is where i insert a promo: i have a few friends how started a band called "dinner and a suit". they are SUPER good. one of those bands who sounds just as good, if not better when you see them live. check them out if you have time here. no time? just click the play button below, and listen while you read on :)

  • i have been a pretty lame blogger the last couple weeks, but to be honest, life just got in the way. life happened. THIS MONTH, i will take more pictures, blog more often, reply to comments in a faster pace, and not just visit my fellow bloggers but leave a nice bloggy comment when i do. lets be honest: who doesnt like comments?

    thanks for stopping by today ,

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