just an outfit

you guys.
i never post outfits!
i think its because i dont dress on the glamorous side everyday.
i take business casual to the furthest extent.
haha, yea im lame.
but every once in a while i wear heels...
mind you, im almost 5'9 so i usually steer away from heels,
considering they make me taller then pretty much...everyone.
so i wore heels yesterday. 
and here is my outfit:

follow me on instagram and you may see more pics like this: erin_e_murphy

does anyone else think that this week is draaaaagging?
tomorrow is friday!!
now, go follow me on instagram :) 
peace out.



  1. cute cuuutee!! DO MORE OUTFIT POSTS!! :)

    and ugh. this week has been TOO long for me. :P


  2. So weird I'm the same way and just did an ootd as well! Love your outfit tho! So cute :)

  3. Uh, CUTE! Looks like something off of Pinterest. =)

    Keep Shining,


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