summer lovin and caboodles

you guys.
welcome to the first day of summer!
and the longest day of the year.
why couldn't this day be on the weekend?
if today was the weekend, i would be soaking up the sun.
right now...
well, i will try to actually work, at work today, with not too many daydreams in between.
or i could work outside...[i wish.]

okay, enough about my summer lusting. 
lets talk caboodles.

did anyone have one of these when they were little?

 i had this exact one-pretty popular in the 80s/90s. its a make-up case! now obviously i was not old enough to use make up (no did my mom let me get close to the stuff) so i used this baby to hold all of my hair accessories, my chapstick, and of course the plastic makeup i owned as well. and by plastic i'm talking dollar store style, fake lipstick and eye shadow. i was excited when i saw this online, i became a bit nostalgic. oh, to be young again. did i just say that?

okay. back to work?
as if i had a choice.
happy hump day y'all
(side note about y'all: i'm NOT a southerner, i just occasionally input the lingo)
maybe all you stay at home bloggers could do something to bring in the first day of summer for me?



  1. Unfortunately I'm working this beautiful first day of summer away too. Bummer.

    And OMG caboodles! I so had one. It held my accessories too like nail polish, hair stuff, etc. What a blast from the past!

  2. It's soooo difficult working during the summer!!! :)

    I love caboodles!!! I had an awesome turquoise one when I was twelve. And I have a black one now! :)


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