tid bits

  • when i type, i always space at the wrong time. ie: "ye a", "goin g"...well lets just say im the queen of typos. i was that girl in keyboarding class who took the cover off the keyboard. i shake my head to that now...
  • i love jeans day at work, i throw a party in my head when we have one. as a more casual girl, this means that its WAY less of a hassle to pick an outfit in the morning. because we all know that as much as we try, picking an outfit the night before just never happens.
  • i live vicariously through several blogs..such as: Marshalls Abroad
  • i burn myself with my curling iron...a lot.my latest burn/scar...gross
  • i plan. i like to have things planned. don't get me wrong, i love spontaneity, but if im making plans for a trip or event ahead of time, official planning must happen or my brain goes crazy.
burn. my poor neck.
welcome to my calendar.

well, its tuesday. 
the bachelorette is done for the week. waah.
lasts nights episode was pretty good...
i just HATE when she says stuff like "he's like the perfect romeo" (after ryan's kiss)
emily...please. is abc paying you extra to say weak lines like that?
and lets not forget that it was totally on purpose that arie got picked last.
she is in love with arie. everyone else should just go home. the end.
what are you guys thinking about the bachelorette?


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