its all about the wedding.

well, my wedding planning is in full swing, 
and i feel as though my life will be unsettled until i move.
yep, you heard me right.
im moving from VA to 

the first weekend of september i will be making my move 
i have less that four weeks left in VA!
once i am finally in MI, 
i will be able to make more decisions for my wedding.
i do, however, have a dress!
wedding dress purchased? check.
im so excited to wear it, i just need to wait til june-ahh!
i really do feel like there are a lot of decisions to be made
and my mom made a great comment today
"i dont know what you would do with out the internet!"
haha so true. 
i dont know how i would even be able to explore my options from long distance without it.
so this a quick update, and i promise my posts will be less than a week apart!
i hope everyone is having a great week!



yea i know.
im a little behind.
what can i say?
life has been a little behind schedule these days :)
i am totally okay with that.

so here are some pictures from my trip to Michigan...2 weeks ago :)
just a montage of kenny's sister, kelly's wedding and lake MI.
enjoy the picture overload! :)

it was a super awesome week in MI.
and soon i'll be living out there...
i'm sooo excited!!
hope your having a wonderful week so far :)


tgif...for real.

with our engagement,

kenny packing up to move and leaving this morning,

and confusion on where i need to even start,

this week had been a long one.
pinterest anyone? 
im blowing it up.

this weekend i am taking a breather.
a bubble bath everyday.
dinners for one.
me time.

join me, if you'd like...



life is a whirlwind right now.
no kidding.
but i may vent on that later :)
but for now, im going to share my little engagement story:

I am going to start off by back tracking to about a month and a half ago. a friend of mine works with a local photographer and asked if kenny and i would be interested in doing a stylized photo shoot. of course, i was totally game to volunteer but knew kenny would take some convincing.  after we convinced kenny to do so we talked about the shoot for a bit and then it seemed to get pushed aside because we had some vacation in between.

 one as you may remember here, kenny took a job back in MI. we were on vacation in MI from the 4th-11th, we were going to come back, kenny would work one last day at work and then he would move back to MI this week because he starts his new job on the 23rd.

when we were traveling back from MI my asked me if i would like to get that photo shoot in with kenny on sunday. that was a easy yes. i thought it would really nice to have some professional pics with him, especially since we'd be long distance. so we planned the shoot for sunday, hoping there wouldn't be any rain.

sunday comes and the sun is mostly shining! we get everything ready for the shoot and finalize outfits. we had three different outfits and during the third and last outfit the most amazing thing happened. we were back to back and our photographer, micah, had kenny sit down for the next shot, and then he said "now erin, i need you to turn around".

and there he was on his knee!
all i can remember is him saying" i love you...i want to spend the rest of my life with you...will you marry me"
so in the short of things, he had been planning this. and my friends had also been putting together an engagement party for us when we returned from the shoot.

 it was an awesome/perfect/fantastic/amazing day!

make sure you visit or "like" Mykkah Photography on facebook to check out the awesome talent. i highly recommend and i am so grateful for the wonderful pictures i have!

until next time...


holy moly.
im engaged.
and super super stoked.
and...still a little in shock!
i have a million things going on so there will be more pics later
i had to share my excitement with my bloggy friends,
at least with those who haven't seen my pic on instagram already :)

i'll fill in deets later, dont worry!
with some better pics as well :)
today is actually a happy monday!


i'm baaaack!

you guys.
i had an amazing week in michigan.
so long time, no write.
the week started off with flynig to michigan on the 4th of july
-celebrating the 4th with kenny's family
-preparing for kelly's wedding
-kelly's wedding!!
-lastly, camping on lake michigan with kenny's family for the remaining days.
it was such a great trip!

there will be more pictures to come!
i unfortunately all my pictures are just from my phone.
who brought her camera but didn't bring it anywhere? me.
as kenny would say "thats a surprise".
sarcastically of course, because i always do that.

i hope everyone has had a super duper week.
ill be making my rounds over the next couple days to catch up on everyone!


until next time...

i'll be on vacation until next wednesday!
kenny and i will be flying out to MI early tomorrow morning.
saturday kenny's sister, kelly will be getting married.
i'm so excited for her!!
the week will be packed with wedding preparation from the moment we get there
i'm glad we'll be there to help out!
after the wedding festivities are all done and over with, we'll be heading to the beach for the rest of the week for some camping :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of july and weekend to follow!

peace out for now.


my weekend

the weekend was insane. 
on thursday, kenny and i headed to new jersey to visit my family.
I live right over the bridge from philadelphia, 
so of course we stopped or a cheesesteak (see pic below or google) on the way in.
friday we went to the shore.

yes we really do call it the shore,
AND NO, people there do not look like j wow, snookie, or pauly d.

well as soon as we got to ocean city, kenny heard my tire.
my flat tire.

thank goodness for AAA and a spare tire in my trunk.
anyway, here are some pics from my weekend.

hope you all had a great weekend :)
if you think of it, say a prayer for us here on the east coast.
we had some really bad storms over the weekend
and the city i live in will be without power until saturday.
with temperatures well into the 90s all week and high humidity.
yiiikes. everybody is roughing it.
God is good, and my house has power but there are still millions without.

have a great monday!


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