its all about the wedding.

well, my wedding planning is in full swing, 
and i feel as though my life will be unsettled until i move.
yep, you heard me right.
im moving from VA to 

the first weekend of september i will be making my move 
i have less that four weeks left in VA!
once i am finally in MI, 
i will be able to make more decisions for my wedding.
i do, however, have a dress!
wedding dress purchased? check.
im so excited to wear it, i just need to wait til june-ahh!
i really do feel like there are a lot of decisions to be made
and my mom made a great comment today
"i dont know what you would do with out the internet!"
haha so true. 
i dont know how i would even be able to explore my options from long distance without it.
so this a quick update, and i promise my posts will be less than a week apart!
i hope everyone is having a great week!


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