my weekend

the weekend was insane. 
on thursday, kenny and i headed to new jersey to visit my family.
I live right over the bridge from philadelphia, 
so of course we stopped or a cheesesteak (see pic below or google) on the way in.
friday we went to the shore.

yes we really do call it the shore,
AND NO, people there do not look like j wow, snookie, or pauly d.

well as soon as we got to ocean city, kenny heard my tire.
my flat tire.

thank goodness for AAA and a spare tire in my trunk.
anyway, here are some pics from my weekend.

hope you all had a great weekend :)
if you think of it, say a prayer for us here on the east coast.
we had some really bad storms over the weekend
and the city i live in will be without power until saturday.
with temperatures well into the 90s all week and high humidity.
yiiikes. everybody is roughing it.
God is good, and my house has power but there are still millions without.

have a great monday!



  1. I am going to Jersey next week! I have never been! Reading your post made me so excited to go to the "shore"!!! Hope you had/ are having fun!


  2. oh no for flat tires! i recently had one... such a pain :( looks like you are enjoying your trip! have fun!!!


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