life is a whirlwind right now.
no kidding.
but i may vent on that later :)
but for now, im going to share my little engagement story:

I am going to start off by back tracking to about a month and a half ago. a friend of mine works with a local photographer and asked if kenny and i would be interested in doing a stylized photo shoot. of course, i was totally game to volunteer but knew kenny would take some convincing.  after we convinced kenny to do so we talked about the shoot for a bit and then it seemed to get pushed aside because we had some vacation in between.

 one as you may remember here, kenny took a job back in MI. we were on vacation in MI from the 4th-11th, we were going to come back, kenny would work one last day at work and then he would move back to MI this week because he starts his new job on the 23rd.

when we were traveling back from MI my asked me if i would like to get that photo shoot in with kenny on sunday. that was a easy yes. i thought it would really nice to have some professional pics with him, especially since we'd be long distance. so we planned the shoot for sunday, hoping there wouldn't be any rain.

sunday comes and the sun is mostly shining! we get everything ready for the shoot and finalize outfits. we had three different outfits and during the third and last outfit the most amazing thing happened. we were back to back and our photographer, micah, had kenny sit down for the next shot, and then he said "now erin, i need you to turn around".

and there he was on his knee!
all i can remember is him saying" i love you...i want to spend the rest of my life with you...will you marry me"
so in the short of things, he had been planning this. and my friends had also been putting together an engagement party for us when we returned from the shoot.

 it was an awesome/perfect/fantastic/amazing day!

make sure you visit mykkah.com or "like" Mykkah Photography on facebook to check out the awesome talent. i highly recommend and i am so grateful for the wonderful pictures i have!

until next time...


  1. Congrats on your engagement! :)
    I just discovered your blog today after seeing a comment on Living in Yellow!


  2. Oh goodness, what a WONDERFUL surprise! Beautiful pictures.

  3. These are amazing. The boots with the red dress picture is my favorite =)

    - Sarah


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