planning, packing, and moving. oh my!

and moving. oh my...followed by a big sigh. (like how i rhymed that?)
so just to update on what has been going on lately...

wedding so far:
date? check. june 29, 2013
colors? coral and mint.
venue? check. the cheney place.
dress? check. no details about the dress :)
bridesmaid dress? check!

in the midst of planning, i have been packing.

eerrr...trying to pack. so far i have been successful in weeding through my stuff
and getting rid of things that i don't want/need/haven't worn for at least a year.
sunday is the big day!
by saturday night i will have my car pack and ready to go for my early departure on sunday morning.
i can't believe i am moving in 4 days.
moving 12 hours away to michigan.
i always knew that living in virginia was a temporary thing, but the day has finally come to move!
am i ready for this?
to be honest, it is a bitter sweet feeling.
im really going to miss the friends i am leaving behind and i made a lot of awesome memories here!

now lets see if i can at least keep up with this "one blog post a week" theme :)


blogger fail.

well...i was going to post a very cool blog post today.
loaded with fun vacation pics.
but alas,
when trying to upload my pictures, i got an error.
file size too big?? i have never seen that on blogger.
so, my back up plan was to check out all the fun blogs that i follow.
but alas,
my home page says that i'm currently not following any blogs.
what the hay, blogger??
round three: trying to at least get some instagram pics up.

there are some nice instagrammed photos for ya :)
ill wait it out for a while to see if blogger goes back to normal.
has anyone else had those problems?
boy, i sure hope this post even shows up!

happy friday!!



my vacation is over.
sad face :(
but now i have a lot of catching up to do on the little blog!
the weekend before I went on vacation for a week,
my sister kate, iris and and amy all were in town.
we drove up to charlottesville and visited carter mountain orchid.
it was a beautiful day!
if you are ever in the charlottesville area, make sure you check this place out!
the view is amazing, there is a market with peaches, apples, cider, cider donuts...etc. etc. etc.
im not kidding, its worth your time!
i did want to share a few pictures from our day:

don't worry, ill be back for more!
hope everyone is having a great start to their week :)

only two weeks until i make my move to michigan!!!


its that time again...

time to break out the vacation pic :)

i'm going on vaca for a week!
and that, my friends, is Ocean City, NJ.
yes, you guessed it-the jersey shore!
there aint no snookies or fist pumpers at this shore.
in fact...the super nice shore towns in NJ highly out weigh the...trashy/mtv made/guido beaches.
mmmk done my rant.

so i most likely will not be blogging all week
because ill be taking time to do nothing.

i hope everyone has a great weekend, and great week next week!
until next time...

an unexpected interruption.

bare with me here.
i was in the midst of putting a post together the other night and...
dun dun dun
this little booger:

...peed right on our internet router.
annnd time has been crunched at work [sigh].
so blogging is pretty much on hold.
ay yi yi.

well, ill be back soon enough :)

on being anxious.

on being anxious.
i have mentioned in the last couple posts that life has gotten crazy.
probably not quite as crazy/busy as i think it is.
but i have been feeling pressured.
since getting engaged i have been feeling probably more pressured than i need to feel.
just simple questions like setting a date, where i am getting married, what my colors will be...etc., etc., etc.
and although i seem calm on the outside, my brain is spinning to find answers.
over the last few days i have finalized a few big things for my wedding.
but while i was figuring out those details my dad reminded me:
"take this slowly, if this is the right decision, than God already has it planned out to work.
if this is not what is best, there will be something better waiting.
my advice to others has always been:
"take a deep breath and just pray for a moment."
i need to take my own advice.
i need to take my dad's advice.
i am so so so excited for the big changes coming up in my life.
in the midst of my changes i know it may be hard to keep God first at times,
but it is worth it to not get so caught up in myself.
patience and my ability to trust in God are two things that i do catch myself forgetting at times.
being caught up in myself too much.
so i am mostly sharing this, as a reminder to myself.
be patient, and trust that everything will work out.
not just for my wedding, but for everything that comes my way.

"do not be anxious in anything but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God and let the peace of God guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:6-7

"humble yourselves, under the mighty hand of God so that he may lift you up in due time.  cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:6-7

"be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" Romans 12:12

the point is not to get answers from God, 
but to strive for completeness and oneness with him.

thanks for stopping by today :)

its a balancing act.

i really have come to love blogging.
but right now i am struggling to keep up.
i have been away or had guests in town pretty much every weekend for the last month.
i cant believe it's august already!!

i am on vacation starting friday after work.
the beach for a week.
until then, here are a few pictures from my weekend:
 my sister, and two super good friends iris and amy came into town. SLEEPOVER!
 I treated myself to some starbucks, which i don't do too often.
saw this guy at the park-super cool looking. U-S-A!!!!

until next time...
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