planning, packing, and moving. oh my!

and moving. oh my...followed by a big sigh. (like how i rhymed that?)
so just to update on what has been going on lately...

wedding so far:
date? check. june 29, 2013
colors? coral and mint.
venue? check. the cheney place.
dress? check. no details about the dress :)
bridesmaid dress? check!

in the midst of planning, i have been packing.

eerrr...trying to pack. so far i have been successful in weeding through my stuff
and getting rid of things that i don't want/need/haven't worn for at least a year.
sunday is the big day!
by saturday night i will have my car pack and ready to go for my early departure on sunday morning.
i can't believe i am moving in 4 days.
moving 12 hours away to michigan.
i always knew that living in virginia was a temporary thing, but the day has finally come to move!
am i ready for this?
to be honest, it is a bitter sweet feeling.
im really going to miss the friends i am leaving behind and i made a lot of awesome memories here!

now lets see if i can at least keep up with this "one blog post a week" theme :)


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