time flies

i cannot believe that it is almost october already!?
i have been in michigan for a month!
in the last month i have sorta put wedding stuff on hold.
i have also picked up a few nannying jobs..gotta make that money, money!
i'm not gonna lie, having free time has been great. 
especially since the months of july and august were cray cray.
on the flip side, although free time is great, too much of it gets boring.
i miss my friends :(

but come next week, i will be working everyday!
it won't be a full week every week, but i will definitely be nannying tuesday-friday.
that's a semi-set schedule.
and although nannying is a well-paying, pretty easy job, i'll still be looking for something more.
so that's a basic update on life.

side note before i end this post: while writing i was lucky enough to to hear the makings of a first date at the table next to me. it was a.w.k.w.a.r.d. HAH.

have a super thursday :)

a night downtown for artsy people.

dressed in our trendy best, kenny and i headed downtown grand rapids, mi.
this time of year they hold something called art prize.
its an open art contest held at different venues and on the streets of grand rapids within in 3 square miles.
im not an artist, but i have an appreciation for art.
at least the art that doesnt look like a 2 yr old made it.
so check it out with my iphone pictures:

 this was cool because you had to look through something to see the color on the wings.
 made completely out of tire.
 a warm treat for a chilly night...and my chipped nail polish. :)
 one of my favorites, a holographic 3D dragon 
 also a favorite...it's a drawing!! better quality in person, of course

 nbd, just standing with a dragon made of mixed metals.
 this was also pretty neat. the artist is adding more to the sand castle everyday-i want to go back and see the finished product! 
and for now...i am blog surfing and enjoying some iced coffee.
while my phone is updating to iOS 6.0
i love that i have a phone that updates with new features.

so all in all my night downtown was super fun, especially the fall weather!
time for some serious blog surfing!
have a super thursday!

taking control

i can be controlling at times.
although i am a very flexible person, i do still like to have control over my schedule.
i like to know when plans are being made and what the plans are.
i don't like when i'm not given a straight answer to a question that i think is important.

there are a lot of "i"'s in the above paragraph.
sounds a bit selfish, huh?
being controlling can get out of control, and i am constantly reminded that i, in fact, am not in control.
as a recent example, while i still lived in virginia i had the opportunity to interview for a few different positions at my old place of work. while i interviewed and got excited for each possible position, i was never offered the job. little did i know that their were bigger plans ahead. although changing my position at work was something that i really desired and i thought i would be much more happy doing something different, God knew that my life was going to be changing really soon and it was better not to start a new position. i thought  that i had control to interview well and easily get the position because i knew i was a good fit. it is always a humbling feeling when after feeling disappointed about not getting what i wanted, to get that reality check that there is a bigger plan. it is always a super great reminder that God is and always will be in control. it takes faith to let go, and let God have the ultimate control.


oh, just randomly checking in...

just to let everyone know, i made it to michigan safely :)
i guess it about time i catch up a little bit?
after moving here a week ago i have been getting settled
..and applying for jobs like crazy.
i have become pretty annoyed with the "apply online" concept.
these days, its a waiting game.
waiting to get a call, waiting to be selected for an interview.
its hard not to be impatient.
i'm the type of person who doesn't like to sit and do nothing.
especially when i know i have bills to be paid!
just like everyone has been reminding me...in the end it will all work out.
i'll be provided with a job that is a good fit for now.

so anyway, about michigan...
so far my favorite thing (besides being close to kenny and his family) has been the weather!
it has been in the 70's during the day and down to the 50's at night.
thats what we call getting close to fall weather people.
wearing hoodies at night.
almost time for boots, sweaters and scarfs!


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