taking control

i can be controlling at times.
although i am a very flexible person, i do still like to have control over my schedule.
i like to know when plans are being made and what the plans are.
i don't like when i'm not given a straight answer to a question that i think is important.

there are a lot of "i"'s in the above paragraph.
sounds a bit selfish, huh?
being controlling can get out of control, and i am constantly reminded that i, in fact, am not in control.
as a recent example, while i still lived in virginia i had the opportunity to interview for a few different positions at my old place of work. while i interviewed and got excited for each possible position, i was never offered the job. little did i know that their were bigger plans ahead. although changing my position at work was something that i really desired and i thought i would be much more happy doing something different, God knew that my life was going to be changing really soon and it was better not to start a new position. i thought  that i had control to interview well and easily get the position because i knew i was a good fit. it is always a humbling feeling when after feeling disappointed about not getting what i wanted, to get that reality check that there is a bigger plan. it is always a super great reminder that God is and always will be in control. it takes faith to let go, and let God have the ultimate control.


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