time flies

i cannot believe that it is almost october already!?
i have been in michigan for a month!
in the last month i have sorta put wedding stuff on hold.
i have also picked up a few nannying jobs..gotta make that money, money!
i'm not gonna lie, having free time has been great. 
especially since the months of july and august were cray cray.
on the flip side, although free time is great, too much of it gets boring.
i miss my friends :(

but come next week, i will be working everyday!
it won't be a full week every week, but i will definitely be nannying tuesday-friday.
that's a semi-set schedule.
and although nannying is a well-paying, pretty easy job, i'll still be looking for something more.
so that's a basic update on life.

side note before i end this post: while writing i was lucky enough to to hear the makings of a first date at the table next to me. it was a.w.k.w.a.r.d. HAH.

have a super thursday :)

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