life lately...

one last warm day in michigan,
getting some major use out of my rain boots,
grand rapids griffins game with friends,
seeing lots of turkeys roaming around...they better watch their backs!
carving pumpkins with friends,
mexican date,
annd just a reflection of me in the fireplace at biggby :)

hope your having a great week friends!

update: my family has made it through the storm safely with no flooding, but will be with out power for about a week as of right now. keep in mind all of those along the east coast who have been effected!

sandy pants

you know sandy?
hurricane sandy?
she's hitting the east coast with some major fury.
considering my family lives right in her danger zone, this is all i can think about today.
so, this is why i'm writing about sandy pants.
my parents, and siblings live in new jersey.
right in the path of hurricane sandy.
thankfully, they live far enough from the coast that high tide this afternoon won't drown their house.
BUT they are getting downpouring rain, wind at 40+ mph, and power outage.
and they are most definitely still being flooded.
and all this is happening before the storm actually hits the coast.
yep, at 5pm EST it is still currently 50+miles off shore, but speeding in.

my family is right near the bullseye.
so if you think of it today, and tomorrow...keep those that live on the east coast in your prayers!
especially those that live right on the shoreline as they will be slammed the most when high tide hits this evening!

i hope those effected stay safe!


in my makeup bag...part II

everyone ready for more makeup?
as i said in my last post, today im going to cover what i use for my eyes
as well as my most frequently used brushes.

for my eyes, i keep it basic with eyeliner, mascara, and neutral shadows.
surprisingly i have a much bigger selection of shadow not shown
but, again, this is my turn to, everyday palate by artistry (see here). 
for a thinner liner i use e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen (see here).
this eyeliner is $1. no joke. STEAL OF A DEAL.
for more of a smudged look, i use bareMinerals round the clock waterproof eyeliner(see here).
it comes in a lot of different shades, but i currently have "10pm".
a recent find is the prime time brightening eyelid primer by bareMinerals.(see here)
it is a very sheer nude color with a little sparkle that can be worn alone, or as a base for shadow.

i would like to say that i stand by one type of mascara, but i dont.
i havent found that one perfect mascara yet.
currently i am using define-a-lash by maybellene (see here).

last but not most frequently used brushes.
from left to right:
laura mercier face brush (see here)
laura mercier ponytail/all over eye colour double head brush (similar)
laura mercier blush face brush (similar)
laura mercier smudge/flat eyeliner double head brush (similar)
laura mercier finishing brush (see here)
eco tools foundation face brush (see here)

to put it plainly, the laura mercier makeup/accessories were all gifts,
once those brushes are bad, i will be buying eco tools brushes as replacements.
eco tools are much less expensive and great quality!

that completes my makeup bag!
for good reviews on makeup before buying it, check out makeupalley.
you can register for free AND you can browse based on skin type :)

hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday!

in my makeup bag...

i am most certainly not a makeup fanatic.
i have never liked wearing a lot of make up,
and have always taken a simple approach.
nonetheless, today i decided to share what is in my makeup bag.

im just going to cover my basic everydayish wear starting with primer and concealer:

for concealer i have always used the neutrogena healthy skin smoothing stick (see here)
and just recently i started using laura mercier foundation primer (see here)
i was given some for a gift and love it!
up next is foundation.
i have used both liquid and powder foundation in the past but currently powder foundation is what works best with my skin.
 bareMinerals original foundation is my favorite (see here)
its feels light on my skin and lasts pretty long compared to others that i have tried.
if your looking for a cheaper option, the neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder foundation (see here)
i turn to this when i am on a tighter budget, its a great option (see below)!

for bronzer i go cheap.
i actually use a powder by N.Y.C. that is only $4.99
it's called color wheel mosaic face powder and it works perfectly for my skin!
sometimes bronzer can just look too dark and unnatural or too glittery-this blends perfectly!
i do believe that my next favorite has been discontinued...sad.
again, i received it as a gift and it is my favorite color blush!
below is the apricot face tint by laura mercier (see here)

tomorrow i'll share my most commonly used brushes,
and eye make-up.
what are your favorites??

until tomorrow...

Youtubin' wonders

these two are not only cute, but SUPER talented! i saw Lennon and
Maisy on the news the other morning and decided to look them up. their youtube videos got them both and acting spot on the new show Nashville. how cool is that? I just had to share. 

my weekend has been filled with friends
pumpkin carving,
apple crisp,
michigan state vs michigan (go blue!)
and family.

get out and enjoy the fall weather!! 
(if you have seasons where you live...)


The old ball game

it's no secret that kenny is a sports guru. i really admire that he has such a passion and so much knowledge for not just one sport but pretty much all of them. ANYWAY if anyone out there in the blogging world watches baseball, they know that the detroit tigers are playing it up in the post season. so kenny bought us tickets to go see the game this past wednesday night.

so we make the drive over to detroit, about 2.5 hours. once we get there, we go to hockeytown cafe for dinner, and after dinner head to comerica park, which is right across the street. about 15 mins before the game start time kenny makes a comment on how strange it is that none of the players have been out warming up. and just a few minutes before the scheduled start time, they make an announcement that the games will be delayed due to inclement weather. this was puzzling to the packed out stadium because it was not raining-it was actually a beautiful night out, perfect for baseball. so we sat for nearly 2 hours waiting for the game to get started only to be disappointed when the game got postponed until thursday night.

i was super bummed because i had to work the next day and couldnt go. kenny was able to get a friend to take my place and go to the game on thursday night to watch the tigers win the series which placed them in the world series!!

and this, my friends, was the exciting part of my week!

hope you had a great week as well :)


You know it's been a good week when...

- i hit 111,111 miles on my car. yea i know, not much of a mile stone, but I thought it looked cool.
- i can't stop looking at my ring...aka i start thinking about where kenny and i will be at this time next year. i'm excited to see what God has planned!
- there has been a nice frosting most mornings this's pretty, and im not going to comment on the temperature yet...
- fall is still abundant on every tree
- dates result in warm drinks and a shared cupcake. have i mentioned that i love cupcakes?

i sure do expect that everyone else had a good week-cheers to the weekend!!


coffee break

hello from le coffee shop.

i think i need to paint my nails again, they have been naked too long.
what do i write about today?
lets talk weekend.
macys registration=donezo..or is it donzo?
its finished, nonetheless.
some days im like "yay, wedding stuff!!(happy dance in my head)"
and other days im thinkin "i am over thinking about wedding stuff."
in one last note on wedding stuff while im on a roll here...can i express to you how upset i am about target having a bad rep for wedding registries. i love target so much that i go to just walk around when i have no money and look forward to their christmas commercials every year (they're coming soon!!).
k. no more wedding snazz.
my weekend was sports, lounging, family time, and babysitting. exciting right? i thought it was. especially since i finally worked all week last week. it was a nice break!

what can i say...i guess we love couch time.

i trust everyone is enjoying God's fall artwork.
until next time...


it saturday!
other than it being saturday, and having the day wearing boots for the first time!

obviously that webcam picture makes me look super cool.
today ill be enjoying my day off by starting my wedding registry at macys.
after completing our registry at Bed Bath and Beyond last week,
im happy to say that im not stressin out over macys.
smaller store=not going to take 3.5 hours.
hope everyone enjoys their fall filled weekends!



i love fall.

we have been having a warm last couple of days here in michigan but the temperature is supposed to drop again tomorrow. which means...i can possibly wear boots this weekend!?i have been thinking a lot in the last week how it has felt like a bit of a struggle finding my place since i moved here about a month ago. kenny's family has been amazing and i love spending time with them, and the family i'm living with has also been awesome. now, starting all over with finding friends...that's hard. it really makes me miss my friends a lot. A LOT. i need someone who will randomly go to the movies, out to dinner, or walk though the mall for no reason (or shop, as well). i complaining? yep. i'm not afraid to admit that. i know God will bring the right people into my life in the right timing, i'm just missing my friends these days.

hope you guys are having a great week!


i guess I could leave you with some pics after that rant...
-kenny and the t-Rex downtown
-cuddling with Kenny and Molly
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