i love fall.

we have been having a warm last couple of days here in michigan but the temperature is supposed to drop again tomorrow. which means...i can possibly wear boots this weekend!?i have been thinking a lot in the last week how it has felt like a bit of a struggle finding my place since i moved here about a month ago. kenny's family has been amazing and i love spending time with them, and the family i'm living with has also been awesome. now, starting all over with finding friends...that's hard. it really makes me miss my friends a lot. A LOT. i need someone who will randomly go to the movies, out to dinner, or walk though the mall for no reason (or shop, as well). i complaining? yep. i'm not afraid to admit that. i know God will bring the right people into my life in the right timing, i'm just missing my friends these days.

hope you guys are having a great week!


i guess I could leave you with some pics after that rant...
-kenny and the t-Rex downtown
-cuddling with Kenny and Molly


  1. girl! i wish i had remembered you lived in GR! i was just up there. i'll be making another trip within the next month and i will let you know when i do so we can do coffee or go shopping or something!

  2. It can definitely be hard to l have to start over in a new place, but give it time things will get better in god's timing.
    That last picture of the trees is uh-mazing!! So beautiful!!


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