coffee break

hello from le coffee shop.

i think i need to paint my nails again, they have been naked too long.
what do i write about today?
lets talk weekend.
macys registration=donezo..or is it donzo?
its finished, nonetheless.
some days im like "yay, wedding stuff!!(happy dance in my head)"
and other days im thinkin "i am over thinking about wedding stuff."
in one last note on wedding stuff while im on a roll here...can i express to you how upset i am about target having a bad rep for wedding registries. i love target so much that i go to just walk around when i have no money and look forward to their christmas commercials every year (they're coming soon!!).
k. no more wedding snazz.
my weekend was sports, lounging, family time, and babysitting. exciting right? i thought it was. especially since i finally worked all week last week. it was a nice break!

what can i say...i guess we love couch time.

i trust everyone is enjoying God's fall artwork.
until next time...


  1. All these lounging pictures make me excited for the weekend. Also what month do you plan on having you wedding? Hope all the planning goes smoothly :)

  2. I love seeing all those beautiful changing leaves. autumn has yet to fully appear here. :(


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