in my makeup bag...

i am most certainly not a makeup fanatic.
i have never liked wearing a lot of make up,
and have always taken a simple approach.
nonetheless, today i decided to share what is in my makeup bag.

im just going to cover my basic everydayish wear starting with primer and concealer:

for concealer i have always used the neutrogena healthy skin smoothing stick (see here)
and just recently i started using laura mercier foundation primer (see here)
i was given some for a gift and love it!
up next is foundation.
i have used both liquid and powder foundation in the past but currently powder foundation is what works best with my skin.
 bareMinerals original foundation is my favorite (see here)
its feels light on my skin and lasts pretty long compared to others that i have tried.
if your looking for a cheaper option, the neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder foundation (see here)
i turn to this when i am on a tighter budget, its a great option (see below)!

for bronzer i go cheap.
i actually use a powder by N.Y.C. that is only $4.99
it's called color wheel mosaic face powder and it works perfectly for my skin!
sometimes bronzer can just look too dark and unnatural or too glittery-this blends perfectly!
i do believe that my next favorite has been discontinued...sad.
again, i received it as a gift and it is my favorite color blush!
below is the apricot face tint by laura mercier (see here)

tomorrow i'll share my most commonly used brushes,
and eye make-up.
what are your favorites??

until tomorrow...

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