in my makeup bag...part II

everyone ready for more makeup?
as i said in my last post, today im going to cover what i use for my eyes
as well as my most frequently used brushes.

for my eyes, i keep it basic with eyeliner, mascara, and neutral shadows.
surprisingly i have a much bigger selection of shadow not shown
but, again, this is my turn to, everyday palate by artistry (see here). 
for a thinner liner i use e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen (see here).
this eyeliner is $1. no joke. STEAL OF A DEAL.
for more of a smudged look, i use bareMinerals round the clock waterproof eyeliner(see here).
it comes in a lot of different shades, but i currently have "10pm".
a recent find is the prime time brightening eyelid primer by bareMinerals.(see here)
it is a very sheer nude color with a little sparkle that can be worn alone, or as a base for shadow.

i would like to say that i stand by one type of mascara, but i dont.
i havent found that one perfect mascara yet.
currently i am using define-a-lash by maybellene (see here).

last but not most frequently used brushes.
from left to right:
laura mercier face brush (see here)
laura mercier ponytail/all over eye colour double head brush (similar)
laura mercier blush face brush (similar)
laura mercier smudge/flat eyeliner double head brush (similar)
laura mercier finishing brush (see here)
eco tools foundation face brush (see here)

to put it plainly, the laura mercier makeup/accessories were all gifts,
once those brushes are bad, i will be buying eco tools brushes as replacements.
eco tools are much less expensive and great quality!

that completes my makeup bag!
for good reviews on makeup before buying it, check out makeupalley.
you can register for free AND you can browse based on skin type :)

hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday!

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