sandy pants

you know sandy?
hurricane sandy?
she's hitting the east coast with some major fury.
considering my family lives right in her danger zone, this is all i can think about today.
so, this is why i'm writing about sandy pants.
my parents, and siblings live in new jersey.
right in the path of hurricane sandy.
thankfully, they live far enough from the coast that high tide this afternoon won't drown their house.
BUT they are getting downpouring rain, wind at 40+ mph, and power outage.
and they are most definitely still being flooded.
and all this is happening before the storm actually hits the coast.
yep, at 5pm EST it is still currently 50+miles off shore, but speeding in.

my family is right near the bullseye.
so if you think of it today, and tomorrow...keep those that live on the east coast in your prayers!
especially those that live right on the shoreline as they will be slammed the most when high tide hits this evening!

i hope those effected stay safe!


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