The old ball game

it's no secret that kenny is a sports guru. i really admire that he has such a passion and so much knowledge for not just one sport but pretty much all of them. ANYWAY if anyone out there in the blogging world watches baseball, they know that the detroit tigers are playing it up in the post season. so kenny bought us tickets to go see the game this past wednesday night.

so we make the drive over to detroit, about 2.5 hours. once we get there, we go to hockeytown cafe for dinner, and after dinner head to comerica park, which is right across the street. about 15 mins before the game start time kenny makes a comment on how strange it is that none of the players have been out warming up. and just a few minutes before the scheduled start time, they make an announcement that the games will be delayed due to inclement weather. this was puzzling to the packed out stadium because it was not raining-it was actually a beautiful night out, perfect for baseball. so we sat for nearly 2 hours waiting for the game to get started only to be disappointed when the game got postponed until thursday night.

i was super bummed because i had to work the next day and couldnt go. kenny was able to get a friend to take my place and go to the game on thursday night to watch the tigers win the series which placed them in the world series!!

and this, my friends, was the exciting part of my week!

hope you had a great week as well :)


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