You know it's been a good week when...

- i hit 111,111 miles on my car. yea i know, not much of a mile stone, but I thought it looked cool.
- i can't stop looking at my ring...aka i start thinking about where kenny and i will be at this time next year. i'm excited to see what God has planned!
- there has been a nice frosting most mornings this's pretty, and im not going to comment on the temperature yet...
- fall is still abundant on every tree
- dates result in warm drinks and a shared cupcake. have i mentioned that i love cupcakes?

i sure do expect that everyone else had a good week-cheers to the weekend!!



  1. Congratuations, that ring is gorgeous. I wouldn't stop looking at it if I was you either.

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I wouldn't stop looking at that ring either!

  3. Your ring is beautiful! I'm truly getting jealous of how beautiful fall is in MI. Sigh.


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