catching up

last week i only made an entry on thanksgiving...which was wonderful!
not only did i eat plenty of yummy food, i was really blessed to be with my new family.
i was truly feeling very thankful for how warm and welcomed i felt sitting at the table surrounded by my new family on thanksgiving.

a little more than a week ago, november 17th, was my birthday.
it was a weekend celebration!
on friday night we went to dinner with friends and then back to the house for cake,
saturday kenny and i went to the michigan vs. iowa game. 
that. was. awesome.
and then on sunday night kenny's family threw a birthday party for me!

although these pictures are just from my phone, i wanted/needed to share picture of the game with you!

i just know that 25 is going to be a great year!


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  1. you two are seriously so cute, I love your blog!


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