thankful thursday

gobble gobble ya'll :)
time is seriously flying right out the window these past few months!
i cannot believe that it is already thanksgiving!
while some of you celebrate with this: at 8pm thanksgiving day.
the rest of us are vegged out on the couch after eating what feels like a whole turkey
not only once, but twice.

so this is the first year that i will be celebrating thanksgiving away from home.
away from the family that i have celebrated every holiday with for the past 25 years.
thats okay though because this brings me to what im thankful for this year...

im thankful for new family that constantly shows me that they love me,
for my family understanding that now there will be holidays that we might not share in person,
for new friends who have taken me in and taken care of me,
for a source of income almost immediately after moving to a new state,
and for another year behind me and a life ahead of me that will be shared with the love of my life.

sometimes it is hard to be thankful.
especially when things are not going the way WE want them to.
but think more simply.
what are you surrounded by everyday that you are thankful for?

well, im going to head out and start feasting,
 and also soak up some family time with some "new" family.
i hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving, 
and dont forget the whipped cream on top of your pumpkin pie!


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