exciting news and fascinating people

first thing on today's agenda to talk about: exciting news!
i. was. offered. a. job.
it took 3 months,
at least 50 applications,
and 5 interviews.
it finally happened.
it's a huge reminder that when i do completely let go of things and let God have control,
that God does have control and provides when needed.
kenny and i went out to celebrate last night.

now that i have my super exciting news out, lets talk about fascinating people.
2012's most fascinating people to be exact.
how does one come up with this list, and why are some of the people listed...listed?
what exactly makes a person fascinating?
case and point:
that. is not fascinating. well...at least not to me.
to each his own, right?
but then we have poor taylor...
who is fascinating not only because of her career,
but because she has dated 13 guys in four years.
and none of them will ever get back together with her.
pun intended. sorry...couldn't resist!

does everyone know that i can lick my elbow, and i am double jointed in both shoulders?
it's fascinating, i know.
so really, everyone could be on the most fascinating people list in their own way, right?

i hope everyone has a fascinating thursday :)

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  1. haha I suppose so! Congrats on the new job! That's so exciting.


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