friday, friday

my friday morning was full of cuddles with toby, coffee, and just some needed me time. what i really need to do is teach the tobster how to take better selfies. we sat and watched out the window as people struggled to drive by on our ice covered road. and before i started working, organized the remainder of our gifts upstairs that have yet to be wrapped. can you guess what is on my agenda for tonight? i'm glad to be finished with chirstmas shopping so that i can avoid the hustle and craaazies out on the roads and in the stores in this not so great weather. now i can relax, finish wrapping, and do some things around the house over the weekend!  after today, only one more workday stands inbetween me and a break with friends coming in town! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and is able to relax just a little bit :)



today to start off lightly, i would much rather be in the bahamas. it seems that a lot of people here in michigan take a winter break vacation to somewhere warm, and i dont blame them, because winter is so long and gray with barely any sun peeking through. today, my excitement for christmas jumped because friends will be in town soon, presents will be given to loved ones, and most importantly we will be celebrating our Savior's birth and the start of his journey toward a sacrifice made so that we can always be close to God and spend eternity with Him. today, i have been really thinking heavily on that. that sacrifice is serious true love. that sacrifice is a gift of salvation and redemption everyday. that sacrifice was made so that we could find healing, and wholeness for our soul, body, and spirit. that sacrifice was not done because we earned or deserved it, but simply because He loves us. a love that is truly hard to comprehend. so i am asking myself today: am i really loving God wholeheartedly in return? am i giving my life fully to God each day and allowing Him to wok through me to serve His purpose here on earth? today, i just wanted to share what was really on my heart, and what i am taking the time to pray about in my life.

[John 3:1-21]

(mid-day update: i saw this video below posted by a friend on facebook, and it really just went along with what i wrote today and what has been on my heart, so i wanted to add it)

Pistachio Pudding Cookies

each year at christmastime, my mom would make what we called "green cookies". it was tradition and everybody loved them! now, that i have gotten married and live so far from home, i plan to continue this tradition of making "green cookies" each year. it's part of christmas that i always want to continue. we had a christmas party to attend last friday night, so i thought it was the perfect opportunity to make them! the recipe is simple, and there is nothing better than good homemade frosting!


1 1/2 cups of Bisquick
2 regular size boxes of instant pistachio pudding (jello brand tastes the best!)
1/2 cup of oil
2 eggs

Stir the above ingredients and form into small balls. Lightly rolls the balls in sugar and then slightly flatten on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Now according to my mom, there is no specific recipe. She always add these ingredients to taste but I will list basic measurements that you can double, triple or duplicate as many times as you'd like to get the right amount:

1/3 cup of softened butter (don't melt it, set it out ahead of time!)
2 tablespoons milk
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups powdered sugar

 (from watching my mom make these cookies, i took on the tip of flattening the cookies a bit with the bottom of a cup before baking)

(instead of sprinkling the cookies, it is sometimes quicker-and less messy-to pour the sprinkles in a bowl and dip the cookies!)



o christmas tree

i hope everyone is having a wonderful week :) today is the first day all week that it hasn't been snowing outside. i have never lived anywhere that it has snowed that many consecutive days in a row, so it is something to get used to. but hey, if i don't have to go out and drive in it then i'm not complaining, and it sure does look pretty!  i have had a pretty full week again, but much less stressful than last week! over last weekend we went and searched for the perfect tree. growing up we always went to the local home depot to buy a christmas tree, it was still a family event and i remember having so much fun going to pick it out with everyone! here in michigan, we live in more of the "country" and it seems much more common for families to go to a tree farm, pick out a tree and then cut it down and take it home. to save some cash we didn't do that this year, but i can't wait until one day when we have a family and are able to go cut a tree down with our kids! we found the perfect tree at lowes this year, and i just love how it looks in the corner of our living room! we're off to a christmas party tonight, and i'll be sharing a cookie recipe on monday, so make sure you come back!



Making : brownies :)
Cooking : chicken cordon bleu: dinner tonight.
Drinking : hot peppermint tea
Reading: allegiant by veronica roth
Wanting: warm boots to accomadate the snow outside
Looking: at the pottery barn mag. ::sigh:: so pretty.
Playing: dave barnes, very merry christmas
Wasting: time. watching pitch perfect, yet again. its a house fav!
Sewing: i wish. maybe i should ask for a sewing machine for christmas
Wishing: i could get rid of this cough. just go away please...
Enjoying: a cozy warm home
Waiting: for christmas mail to start arriving! 
Liking: how our house is slowly feeling more put together
Wondering: when we will get our puppy's first hair cut and nails cut. 
Loving: that the christmas tree is finally up and looking snazzy!
Hoping: to have a white christmas...looks like it may be in the forecast this year!
Marveling: at how peaceful and pretty snow can be. our God is so creative!
Needing: curtains to be hung in our house. 
Smelling: a candle burning upstairs. woodwick: fireside
Wearing: yoga pants and a favorite hoodie. 
Following: dave barnes' christmas extravagan za on youtube
Noticing: how chipped my nail polish has gotten. time for a new coat
Knowing: I need to start excercising again, but discouraged by being sick
Thinking: about how much I miss my fun family
Bookmarking: recipes for later
Opening: a new box of tissues
Giggling: at our puppy who expects a treat every time he goes potty outside..
Feeling: content


midweek bliss

i am SO glad that its wednesday and the beginning of my week is over. i never really like to rush through my days and life and i have been reminded over the years to have a huge appreciation of each day that i have been given, because it can certainly be taken away. but the beginning of this week has been a little rough around the edges, so i am just glad that things are going to start slowing down for the rest of the week! when your monday night consists of a venti specialty drink from starbucks, you know that you need some chill time. side note: if you live where starbucks is trialing the chestnut praline latte-try it! it is so delish! I can't wait to get a christmas tree, and decorate it! i stocked up on some ornaments last year after christmas at targets 75% off sale, aka possibly blow your paycheck sale. who am i kidding, target is always possibly blowing someones paycheck! the ornaments i bought last year and the ornaments that i have collected over the years from my family are really the only christmas decorations that i have, so i haven't done any decorating yet!

to finish off my wednesday night, i'll be watching the SNL christmas special, sipping on a cup of tea, and listening to kenny and his bff play ping pong in the basement, yelling in competition as men do :)

happy wednesday!



a little over two weeks ago was my birthday, and since then, the holiday season has been in full swing and a whole lot of hustle and bustle. around these parts we try to do our best in the relaxation department, but toby seems to be the only one who has it down to an art. i had a super great birthday with friends and family, and my michigan people really made it special. as we went through thanksgiving i was reminded this year of how God has really provided for me in the past year. I picked up and moved far away to michigan and pretty much had to start over...with everything. God knew that i needed a job, and through patience and perseverance, he provided. He knew that i needed to make friends here, and be able to get to know my new family better, i have have been able to do just that. he knew kenny and i would need a house, and after being out bid numerous times, backing out of a house, and searching for months, he provided the perfect house for us and showed us that it was worth the wait! i love our little family, and i am excited for our first christmas together and in our new house!


our house in progress...

 a few weeks ago i shared some pictures of our house (view here), pretty naked with the carpet ripped up and no furniture. tonight i am finally posting an update with some progress that we have made! So basically we have the oak trim painted white, walls painted, and new floors (the coloring in the pictures below is definitely off so you can't really see the wall colors good, but it gives enough of the main concept!). we have also added our furniture and have been super blessed by friends who have given up furniture as well! its nice to be living in the whole house now and having space for guests. we are still waiting for our bedroom and closet doors to be painted, but there isn't too much of a rush because it is only kenny and i living here. decorating will be a long work in progress, but it will most likely go one room at a time. i am not a very crafty person so decorating is intimidating! the next updates that make it here will probably as i go room from room, and not for a while. i am so thankful that God provided this house for us, and even though finding a house became stressful, when we found this house we knew it was worth the wait!


.birthday month.

november is my birthday month! this year i turn 26, so i am more than halfway through my twenties. it also begins the 6 month (almost exactly to the day!) period when kenny and i are not the same age...because i am older. i'm not a huge gift person. yes, i like receiving gifts, mostly when they are things that i am in need of, but i usually add i few "wants" when i'm asked for a list. on the other side, i am awful at giving gifts. i stressed out over what to give people mostly when i have to be creative about it. i lack gift creativity, its rough. just give me a list, and i'll be fine!! i thought i would share some things that are on my birthday wish list this year.

 bareminerals...i can always use more foundation! and new brushes are on the list as well. (here)
 i use my clarisonic just about every night, and replacement brushes are always a good gift! (here)
I love these shoes! these minnetonka boat mocs are like the inbetween of moccasins and sperrys! (here)
i love getting magazines in the mail, real simple is my favorite! (here)

 gift cards are no doubt always a good gift. this year i want gift cards to go towards house decor, such a curtains, lamps, pillows, wall decor, etc. we are currently pretty barren in this house! tjmaxx, marshalls, home goods, target and starbucks (brain fuel!) are all stores i love to shop at for the home.

happy wednesday, i hope your part of the world is a little more sunny than mine!


meet toby!

meet toby! toby is the newest member of our family and a super cute addition, am i right? he is a maltipoo, and only 16 weeks old. for being a puppy he is very well behaved so far! best craigslist purchase EVER! we were pretty unsure about his name when we were going to meet him on sunday, and were thinking about changing it. but once we arrived, met him, and decided to take him home, we knew on the car ride home that "toby" just seemed to fit him well! he is just the cutest thing and i am so thankful that we were able to welcome and adopt him into our home!

throw back thursday, halloween edition.

you guys...i really do like halloween. i grew up dressing up every year, and got laughed at when i said that i wanted to dress up this year to hand out candy. this is the first year i get to officially hand out candy. one of my favorite halloween's was in college, back in my brunette days. kenny and i dressed up in a couples costume, "deal or no deal". and if you haven't seen the show, take a sneak peak: on youtube. kenny was the show's host, and i was a case girl...holding the million dollar case??

hope you get lots of treats today!


all things anthro

i love anthropologie. and i love the sale section at anthropologie even more because it turns "i can't afford that" into "i can totally afford that!". so last night i scoured the anthro website...just the clothing sale section...and came up with some favs. all of which are under $50. all of which i am not buying because i don't necessarily need to add any more clothes to my closet, but hey, a girl can want and adore, right? [please excuse the picture alignment...wasn't going to fight blogger today].


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 89 / 10 / 11 / 12

seriously. get in my closet.

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