hello friends :) for todays throwback thursday, i'm taking it back to the summer. the summer of michigan sunsets and the beach. its just so cold and snowy i figured that it may be nice to look at some warmth!

i am obviously great at taking pictures with my phone. so time to go out into the winter cold and snow-wish me luck!



over this week i will be slowly updating around here just a bit. including the name on this here blog! so this little corner of the internet is under construction for now. I have had some pretty big life changes lately and i just felt like my original blog name from years ago just wasn't fitting in anymore. so welcome to the future "erin elizabeth". i had no better idea than to just name my personal spot on the internet after me!

winter inspiration.

with the past couple nights having a temperature of zero or below, i would have to say that winter is in full swing here in michigan. it has just been continually snowing for the past three days, with the sun finally peeking from behind the clouds this morning. i love how fresh snow looks on the ground, and i also believe that if it is going to be this stinkin cold out, there better be snow on the ground. ill pass on the ice and wind. there is just something about walking outside into the fresh white, quiet, and calming "winter wonderland". so today im am simply just posting some winter inspiration from my pinterest board: seasons.


too early to christmas shop?

confession: i went crazy at target. that isn't a surprise though. i know plenty of people out there would agree that it is super easy to go crazy at target or even just go in and walk around for and hour or so. so a couple weeks ago i snagged a ton of christmas decorations at target for my first christmas with my soon to be hubby. all at 70% off, which saved me sooo much money! i cant wait to hit up target next year for more! the picture above is just a few of the cute ornaments i bought, my favorite probably being the glitter deer head...or maybe the waving penguin.

have a happy tuesday :)



tbt...aka "throwback thursday/#tbt/#throwbackthursday" seems to be all the rage on the interwebs these days. i though it might only be an instagram thing, but then i started seeing it on facebook too. okay, let me side note on that a minute...does everybody know that hashtags do not work on facebook? they don't. if you have taken notice, a hashtag turns into a link on some social networking sites such as instagram or twitter. hashtags don't link up on facebook=hashtags dont work on facebook. k, im done.

so im not throwing back too far this thursday. just back to october, where pumpkin carving turned into a pumpkin butt...well, just scroll down, you'll see. i had to, of course, share a picture of kenny's family dog molly. isn't she cute!?

who knows, maybe throwback thursday will become a thing in the blogging world too? only time will tell. until then, im not going to start and create a trend, i'm not trendy enough for that. but i will use "tbt" as an excuse to post old pictures that never made it to my blog. yes, i will.

only one more day until the weekend!



just look at this.

the first necklace i have ever lusted for. i want it because it would possibly be a great match with my wedding dress. and if not..i mean its beautiful enough to just own, right? i refuse to pay over 40 bucks for it though. the tricky thing is that its jcrew...on ebay. 1. it could be poor quality? 2. the bidding could go way over 40 bucks bidding ends tomorrow, ill let you guys know how that one goes. 

my wednesday went super slow. like...i cant even explain. on wednesday nights i meet up with my friend erica to eat dinner, catch up on our week and watch greys anatomy and scandal. its relaxing and halfway through the week...just a little something to get over hump day. things are about to get full-swing stressful pretty soon here with my sister's wedding, than my wedding, my wedding showers annd all on limited vacation time, now that i have a full time job. whew. i. can. do. it.


playing catch up

its winter here in michigan.
i figured maybe i would get a nice break and there would be a mild winter for my first,
but alas, winter is in full swing.
i take many pictures like the one above because the trees, dirt road, and lingering snow just look so awesome to me.
my phone is full of those pictures!

my long lost V.A. roomie was in town bout a week ago.
i am so happy that i was able to catch up and spend time with her.
now we just need to work on getting her up to michigam ;)

 just in case you cant make out whats going on in the picture above:
kenny's family has a big new years party every year
and his dad always cooks up a new a creative "ball drop".
this year down came the lite up ball in front of the window..followed by a lite up "2013"
the crowd was pleased, for sure.
especially since at the first attempt, "2013" was backwards, haha!

so look at me, posting 2 days in a row!
these things are just highlights of what has been happening,
and pictures from my phone. 
maybe i should have a goal of using my camera more often?

i hope everyone is having a great week so far :)


my life

yep, im back.
it took a month...but im back.
looking at my last post in december, i shared that i was offered a job.
little did i know...that this job would take my desire for blogging on vaca for a bit.
i can push the blame and make excuses, but if im honest, i just wasn't that into it for the last month.
guess that gives me a fresh start :)

with a fresh start, its only appropriate that i write about the new and upcoming year, right?
well 2013 is a big year for me.
my sister gets married in less than 2 months, and i get married in june!
and not just those weddings, I also have a number of other friends who are getting married as well!
actually i think i got ahead of myself there...

i skipped the end of 2012.

and for the end of 2012 I have to say this: i am incredibly blessed.
no lie.
i was unable to travel home for Christmas this year, my first Christmas away from MY family.
this year i was however, privileged to spend it with kenny's family.
for being 12 hours away from my family on Christmas, and missing them so much,
my new family sure did an awesome job at making me feel at home.
and that...i am so very thankful for!
and this year...this year i officially become a part of this new family.
i cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with kenny.
why did i choose to have a year engagement??

now is the part where i could gush about how much in love i am...
but ill spare the deets.
its good to be back you guys.
although i took a break, im happy to post again, and ready for more!
guess that means i should start wedding planning again, huh?
until next time...which is, fingers crossed, not too far from now.

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