just look at this.

the first necklace i have ever lusted for. i want it because it would possibly be a great match with my wedding dress. and if not..i mean its beautiful enough to just own, right? i refuse to pay over 40 bucks for it though. the tricky thing is that its jcrew...on ebay. 1. it could be poor quality? 2. the bidding could go way over 40 bucks bidding ends tomorrow, ill let you guys know how that one goes. 

my wednesday went super slow. like...i cant even explain. on wednesday nights i meet up with my friend erica to eat dinner, catch up on our week and watch greys anatomy and scandal. its relaxing and halfway through the week...just a little something to get over hump day. things are about to get full-swing stressful pretty soon here with my sister's wedding, than my wedding, my wedding showers annd all on limited vacation time, now that i have a full time job. whew. i. can. do. it.


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