my life

yep, im back.
it took a month...but im back.
looking at my last post in december, i shared that i was offered a job.
little did i know...that this job would take my desire for blogging on vaca for a bit.
i can push the blame and make excuses, but if im honest, i just wasn't that into it for the last month.
guess that gives me a fresh start :)

with a fresh start, its only appropriate that i write about the new and upcoming year, right?
well 2013 is a big year for me.
my sister gets married in less than 2 months, and i get married in june!
and not just those weddings, I also have a number of other friends who are getting married as well!
actually i think i got ahead of myself there...

i skipped the end of 2012.

and for the end of 2012 I have to say this: i am incredibly blessed.
no lie.
i was unable to travel home for Christmas this year, my first Christmas away from MY family.
this year i was however, privileged to spend it with kenny's family.
for being 12 hours away from my family on Christmas, and missing them so much,
my new family sure did an awesome job at making me feel at home.
and that...i am so very thankful for!
and this year...this year i officially become a part of this new family.
i cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with kenny.
why did i choose to have a year engagement??

now is the part where i could gush about how much in love i am...
but ill spare the deets.
its good to be back you guys.
although i took a break, im happy to post again, and ready for more!
guess that means i should start wedding planning again, huh?
until next time...which is, fingers crossed, not too far from now.


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