playing catch up

its winter here in michigan.
i figured maybe i would get a nice break and there would be a mild winter for my first,
but alas, winter is in full swing.
i take many pictures like the one above because the trees, dirt road, and lingering snow just look so awesome to me.
my phone is full of those pictures!

my long lost V.A. roomie was in town bout a week ago.
i am so happy that i was able to catch up and spend time with her.
now we just need to work on getting her up to michigam ;)

 just in case you cant make out whats going on in the picture above:
kenny's family has a big new years party every year
and his dad always cooks up a new a creative "ball drop".
this year down came the lite up ball in front of the window..followed by a lite up "2013"
the crowd was pleased, for sure.
especially since at the first attempt, "2013" was backwards, haha!

so look at me, posting 2 days in a row!
these things are just highlights of what has been happening,
and pictures from my phone. 
maybe i should have a goal of using my camera more often?

i hope everyone is having a great week so far :)


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