tbt...aka "throwback thursday/#tbt/#throwbackthursday" seems to be all the rage on the interwebs these days. i though it might only be an instagram thing, but then i started seeing it on facebook too. okay, let me side note on that a minute...does everybody know that hashtags do not work on facebook? they don't. if you have taken notice, a hashtag turns into a link on some social networking sites such as instagram or twitter. hashtags don't link up on facebook=hashtags dont work on facebook. k, im done.

so im not throwing back too far this thursday. just back to october, where pumpkin carving turned into a pumpkin butt...well, just scroll down, you'll see. i had to, of course, share a picture of kenny's family dog molly. isn't she cute!?

who knows, maybe throwback thursday will become a thing in the blogging world too? only time will tell. until then, im not going to start and create a trend, i'm not trendy enough for that. but i will use "tbt" as an excuse to post old pictures that never made it to my blog. yes, i will.

only one more day until the weekend!



i will reply to all comments right here! :)

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