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whew. talk about an up close selfie. im usually not a fan of selfies...but maybe i was inspired by ALL of the selfies that were on my instagram feed today. okay, that wasnt my inspiration. my main point today is that i have been pretty negative about how i look lately. negative towards myself, and putting myself down for not trying to "improve myself". and feeling this way changes my attitude toward pretty much everything. when i lived on my own i ate a lot better than i do now, and i exercised more. ever since i moved i have started to get back on track a few times, for a few weeks at a time, but never quite gotten back to where i just feel better about myself and i feel more energized to take on each day. during my lunch today i took time to write down what i can do, one step at a time because i realized that each time i try to make a change, i bite off more than i can chew. i have a very busy couple of months ahead of me, and in order for me not to have some sort of break down from over doing things and jumping in head over heels, i made a plan. i need to get organized, start out by eating healthy two meals a day (which means i have to make my own meals), working out 3 times a week, and making sure i am always praying about it! my attitude is a big part of how i will motivate myself. and anyway...i gotta look AND feel good for that big important day coming up in june! i know this all may seem pretty vague but i wanted to share, because that is sometimes what this blogging thing is all about.


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  1. I understand! I feel waaaay better about myself when I've been working out and eating healthy. Not only because I look better, but I feel accomplished and strong and happy. Hope you keep the motivation going and can use working out as a de-stressor in between making big plans! :)


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