friday's letters

dear "friday's letters", this is the first time you are featured on my blog! welcome, and i hope you stay a while! dear self timed photos, i think it may take a very long time before i get the hang of you. i may end up with a lot of pictures where i look like i'm doing "the robot" until my modeling skills improve. i'm no photographer. dear friday, i am SO glad your here! i absolutely love weekends these days. dear wedding planning, i promise i have a 'to-do' list written down, its just the 'getting done' part that needs to be worked on. dear february, you are going to go by really in lightening speed...i can already tell. you have already brought the most snow this winter so far, and now us michiganders are just trying to maneuver through it.


remember that time i took a jumping pic in the snow and ended up with a mouth full of scarf and not much air? yea...struggle fest. at least i got a wave in there! i hope every on has a super weekend, thanks for stopping by today!



  1. Adorable! Love your blog!
    P.S.. I am terrible at self portraits.. terrible.

  2. haha CUTEST pictures ever!! I'm just impressed that you took self timed photos in the snow! Brave girl ;)

    Happy Friday!


  3. yay for friday's letters! its my favorite linkup .. and you look sure cute don't worry about the self timer :)


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