friday's letters

dear blogpost title, why did it take me five times to type you out correctly? its only two words...clearly im struggling today. dear lady swerving next to me on the road, i don't agree with you that plucking your chin hairs while your driving in the car in a 55 mph zone is appropriate. yes, she almost ran me off the road while looking in the mirror. dear ice, im over you. i have slipped way too many times and fell on the many walks out to my car this week. dear sun, i am sooo soo glad that you are still out and about at 6pm! this is a sign of spring coming soon! dear house hunting, i am so excited, yet overwhelmed. so many decisions, so much responsibility, and so much potential! dear daisies, you will forever be my favorite flower. 


if your visiting from the link-up, i hope you like my little corner of the interwebs and stop back again soon!

cheers to the weekend!


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  1. Pretty flowers! Good luck with the house hunting. It's definitely stressful but so exciting at the same time!


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